April 16, 2014

Morning Glories

They just make me happy.

My sleep’s been very disturbed lately, and I’m basically nocturnal, no matter what I try. None of my sleep meds are working. So I was on my way to bed shortly after dawn and stopped to see if the morning glory bud I’d been watching had bloomed yet. It had!

That one absolutely does not do it justice, being all backlit. This one is better.

See? This is why morning glories make me happy. And the vines themselves are going crazy. At the edges, the vines already reach the top of the frame. I finally managed to find tape that will hold string up against their pull for more than an hour at a time (you can see the fallen yarn still tangled in with the vines that brought them down), and I’m hoping the vines will fill the window completely with their help.

I’ve got two more buds that look like they’re ready to pop in the morning, and several more over the next few days beyond.

Also, these horned, sinister-looking, triffidy little things, which are the moonflower vine buds. Yes, it really is nearly black. The blossom will be white, though.

In addition to these morning glories, my brother introduced me to a flowing yoga posture called morning glories. On the half-breath, flow from high kneeling to child pose and back. High kneeling is like the upward gesture of a sun salutation, only on your knees. Up, not sitting back on your ankles. On the inhale, go up, and on the exhale, down. I have to do them on a folded blanket to protect my knees. My brother, whose knees are even worse, does them before he gets out of bed, but my mattress is too soft and bouncy for that.