August 21, 2021

Mourning Jewelry

I realized I don't have pictures up here of most of the mourning jewelry I've made, much less all in one place. So here we go.

One of the first mourning pieces I did, for my NanNan, my grandmother with whom I had a bad relationship. It contains her wedding ring and a skull bead.
Mourning necklace for my Granny, with whom I was close. Simpler, because my relationship with her was simpler. I made a matching necklace for my mother, her daughter.
Detail of the clear vintage beads with a drop of black at the heart from Granny's necklace, which seemed to sum something up for me. 
Mourning necklace for my Uncle Steve, with a tiny Japanese cat bead, because he loved his cat more than anybody else in his life.
Mourning necklace for my dog Uther, with stars, because he was my Dog Star, and So Sirius sometimes. Pressed Czech glass dog heads and chunky onyx beads, too.
Mourning necklace for my cat Delight, who had one blue eye and one green, and was named after the Sandman character.

There. Collected.