April 10, 2018

Necromantic Mirror

(I started to write this entry at the beginning of March, and got distracted.)

Back in January, I got this mirror off Ebay (which is where that photo is from, I never took any and can't now). I shouldn't have spent the money, probably, but it was tooooo perfect. It has torches for Hekate!

While contemplating how to turn it into a necromanteion, I ran across Bone Flower Necromany Oil on Alchemy Works, and knew I needed that for the frame. I also made a nightshade vinegar for cleaning the glass, by soaking peppers, potatoes and tomatoes in white vinegar for a couple of weeks, straining it, and adding more white vinegar. I dug out the bones I'd recovered from goat legs, hoping to get astragaloi, and instead getting these. But now I have a use for them, so it all turned out ok. Those will be wired to the frame.

I put the mirror in darkness, allowing no light but candlelight to touch it, and waited. And waited. And waited. For that oil. And got no response from the seller when I emailed. (I'm perfectly willing to be patient with an artisan who's making something special. I just needed him to let me know if it had ever been sent or not, because I needed to know if it had been stolen.)

It finally arrived, the week before Anthesteria. So obviously, the time to prepare and dedicate the mirror was Anthesteria, probably the most important holiday on my calendar. It is three days of wine, sex, flowers, and the Dead.

I usually celebrate Anthesteria, but have often not had a very good or intense experience. This year was different. This year was kind of amazing, partially because of this Mirror.

For three nights, every night, I rubbed oil into the frame, blessing it. I wiped down the glass with vinegar, cleansing it. And from the first night, even before I dedicated it properly, I could see the glass clouding over and feel the Dead wanting to come through.

On the final night, I dedicated it and told it its purpose, and then gazed into it. Immediately, it clouded and then cleared to black. (I don't usually get any sort of visual effect when doing spirit work. It was amazing to me that I got this.) I spoke to my great grandmother Lil first. Then others showed up. A "great-grandfather" (probably farther back), a "great uncle" (very far back, he was a sailor of tall ships, and wanted to sail again and take me places), and, very unexpectedly, an entire coven of witches. They said that some were ancestors of blood, and some of heart, and some of tradition, and that they would be the Outer Circle of my spirit court, as long as I give them a place on my shrine to Medea. (Which I finally did, and I need to make a post about.)

The Dead didn't come through visually, but audibly, which is much more usual for me. But it was possibly the most intense auditory experience I've ever had. And they kept coming. I was ready to stop, but they weren't.

I've used it once since then, and it was not nearly so intense, so clearly some of that was Anthesteria, but the Mirror is clearly a powerful tool.