October 7, 2013

New Location

So. Moved the blog. Why?

Well, for one thing, WordPress has been getting harder to use, not easier. It's been doing things like truncating posts and reformatting stuff randomly, certain things just stopped working in Firefox, all kinds of crap. Time for a new platform.

Also, though, I've come to really despise the company WordPress. There were various things, but the really big one was this: There was an attack blog that specifically targeted and outed trans women, endangering their homes, their livelihoods, and their lives. It was clearly a violation of the Wordpress terms of service. Wordpress, after months of complaints, finally took the blog down. The bigots complained. Wordpress put the site back up, and it is still there.

Wordpress is intentionally and knowingly hosting a blog that is harming trans women, some of the most vulnerable and endangered people in our society. The assault, rape and murder stats on trans women are terrifying. I'm close to a number of trans women, and my wife is one of them. I don't want to provide any more content or traffic to a site that would do this to them.

It took months to find a platform I could deal with, and then get it loaded onto a private server, and up and running. That's part of the reason I haven't been posting much. I cheated a couple of times, because I had stuff I wanted to get down on pixels, but I'm really very tired of it.

So. I'm now using a platform called Ghost. It's still in beta, although it's about to get a final release. It's still lacking a few features, including native commenting systems (sorry, using disqus for the moment, as irritating as I find it; I promise I'll switch as soon as it's possible) and tag pages (I can put tags on things, but they don't do anything yet). I couldn't transfer the old comments -- all seven of them -- so those are lost. But here I am in a shiny new home, even if it's a little bare yet. Be patient, we're fixing it up.

Expect to see more here. As I'm intensifying my religious practice, I'm also looking a lot at Hellenic Reconstructionism, and while that will never be the entirety of my practice, it's starting to have a larger and larger influence, and I'll be talking about that. I'll also be talking about the social tension that combining Wicca and Hellenic practices causes. I may be talking about oracular systems, offerings, research, food, and whatever else comes up, as well as fiber crafts. This is probably going to become a more religion-focused blog than it has been in the past.

And here we go...