September 10, 2014

No. Just No.

I really do not have the spoons to write anything significant about this, and I doubt that anyone would ever consider for a moment that I held any other position. But just to make myself perfectly clear:

CHRISTIAN DAY IS A COMPLETE SCUMBAG. He is filth. He is a complete and utter piece of shit.

He is outing people, including someone who is in hiding from a stalker. He told her to call out his name as she was raped.

This is just the latest thing in what is apparently a long history of abusive and horrible behavior, about which I know little. There are apparently people still defending him, though. They are also scumbags and horrible people.

This guy owns a couple of shops, in Salem and New Orleans, and is apparently making a good living. Anyone who makes a product and knowingly and intentionally selling their product in his shop should stop distributing to him immediately. (Not everyone distributes their products themselves, especially authors, and have little to no control over what shops stock their products.) They are adding to his income. They are supporting someone who think that rape is good, who thinks that endanging other people is fun, who thinks that violating consent is freaking awesome.

He has a podcast. Various big name pagans have appeared on it. All of them should denounce him. Now. Or they are continuing to add their names and reputations to his. They are passively promoting him. They are saying that there is something significant about him, that people should listen to him.

Christian Day is out to harm people. He likes to do it. He does it again and again. When people get too angry, he makes a fauxpology, and then he does it again. We, as a movement, need to stop supporting this behavior.

Right. Fucking. Now.