February 8, 2016

No, Really

The topic of racism is apparently a hot one in pagan and polytheist circles. Again. Somebody posted something nasty enough that I can't read it, and somebody else posted in opposition, and then a bunch of people posted more things, some of them racist and some of them anti-racist and some of them decrying mixing politics and religion, and I gave up reading. Not because it's unimportant, but because it's the umpty-umpth go-round and nothing has changed since the last time, and I just can't. All out of can. Even the cans the can came in are gone.

However, I am apparently incapable of allowing the entire stinking festering mess to go without comment, so really I'm just going to second Δ, who was all succinct and stuff.

Racism isn't about politics, it's about dehumanizing people, setting them as less-than the racist. Anti-racism isn't about politics, it's about raising people up and treating them as equals, and recognizing oppression of them, both past and present. That's all there is to it.