March 26, 2015

Notes 'n' bits 'n' bits 'n' bits

Sannion tells us that Fufluns was the Etruscan name for the wine god, who was presumably syncretized with Bacchus and Dionysos. What an adorable name! And so much fun to say! Fufluns Fufluns Fufluns.

Many Gods West, a polytheist conference, is going to be in Olympia at the end of July/beginning of August. We think we've worked out finances so I can go. I'm thinking of submitting a proposal to present a workshop on fiber arts as prayer and meditation. Anybody have any thoughts? I've only got a few days to pull together the proposal, their deadline is the 31st.

On the silly side, <a href=>this blog asthetic generator gave me Storm Femme the first time I clicked it. I love it! Rain Core was another pretty good one.

Starting to feel better than I have in a week or so. Getting back to normal things, like weaving and studying.

I'm back to studying Ruby, and have plans for a couple of things I'd like to try to make in the future. I studied it last summer, and hit three things at once: August, illness, and recursion. That trifecta killed it for a while. So this time around, seeing as it's been months and months, I'm reviewing all the stuff I did before, and am pleasantly surprised to discover that after time to let the ideas settle, I'm writing much better code for the same exercises than I did last time.

The big victory today was the Roman numerals one. First, you were supposed to write a script to convert any number from three thousand down in old-style Roman numerals, which used IIII instead of IV. Last time, I wrote a really clunky thing that got the job done, specifying what letters it should use for each decimal place. So it had a line that told it that 9 equalled VIIII, and one that told it 8 equaled VIII, and soforth. For ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands. I knew this was awful, but could not yet figure out how to write it better.

This time, I figured out how to write an algorithm so that I didn't need to do that, so it had instructions for thousands, five hundreds, one hundreds, fifties, tens, fives, and ones.

Then I was supposed to write one that used the newer style of Roman numerals, IV instead of IIII. And I figured out how to tell it to make an exception in the previous script to allow it.

I am ridiculously proud of myself.