December 18, 2020

Nova Aedes Iani

I don't know. So much is happening.

Things were fallow for a bit, but now everything is happening at once. I'm talking to some people again from whom I've been estranged, and that's good. I dropped out of school, and am trying to get myself through a course that will theoretically get me a sysadmin certification so maybe I can get a damn job. I finally made a new tool, which I'll probably post about separately.

And suddenly, I'm getting ready to co-priestess a new Temple, set up under the aegis of the Correllian Wiccan Tradition (though neither I nor any other member need be Correllian or Wiccan to join, only the Head of Temple does) and headed by Rev Elizabeth Correll. Nova Aedes Iani, the New Temple of Janus, which will honor both Janus and Hekate. It will be a new mystery tradition, which will emerge as we learn. While the Correllians in the Temple will continue to teach Correllian students as members of the Temple, we will also have two initiations into the Mysteries of Janus and Hekate.

We're rushing to try to get set up so we can dedicate the temple at the beginning of January, which of course is Janus' time. Which is short notice. We spent seven hours the other day, doing divination, planning, and working on bylaws. (I can't believe I have to deal with bylaws.)

We're also working on the basic liturgy. To begin with, we'll use a Wiccan/Western Esoteric structure, will casting circle and calling quarters, but with our own twist to it. We may leave that behind if we actually get a lot of people interested who aren't Wiccan. We plan to have Kalendae rituals on or near the first of each month, and to have a framework for those that can be modified seasonally and depending on circumstance. Rituals will, of course, be online, not only because of the plague but because Liz is on the East Coast and I'm on the West, and who knows where other members will be.

I, in particular, need to set up a web page for it, probably on a subdomain of this site to start with. Among other projects. While also trying to finish gift-crafts. Ack.

And on we go.