April 10, 2014

Now is the time to drink deep from the cup

The vine bracelets, with a quarter for scale.

These got trickier than I expected them to be. They take about three times the amount of thread, too, 12-14’ for each finished cord with knotted ends. In the end, I am satisfied with them. I have built in symbolism and meaning at every step of the way and every level I can. I have spun, measured, and cut each piece to length. I have set the twist, washed, and dyed it. I have corded it back on itself, chanting words I wrote myself. They are what I intended to create.

I’ve been varying length a little. The shortest one so far is 10”, which ties loosely around my 7” wrist with short ends, like so:

The longest yet is 12”. I can make them either longer or shorter, to order. Unless you have very small wrists, I shouldn’t really need to make them much shorter than 10”, since it can just be tied tighter. If you have very thick wrists and I have to make one significantly longer than usual, I may have to charge an extra dollar or two, I’m afraid.

Hemp is very durable and abrasion-resistant. These can be worn constantly, and should last a couple of years at least. (And if they don’t, email me, and we’ll talk about replacing it.) Or you can only wear it for ritual purposes, and it should last many years.

The dye should be very fast, and should not bleed on anything. I’ll be testing that.

Hemp starts out kind of coarse, although these have been handled enough now to be much less so that your average hippie-hemp shoulder bag. If you have very sensitive skin, though, it may still feel a bit rough. If so, hand wash it a couple of times in cool water with Woolite, air dry it, and then play with it some, handling it and rubbing it between your palms. The best way to soften it, though, is just to wear it.

Notes for myself: Don’t forget to bring water with you, you’re chanting a lot. Add S-twist to original spin on verse 1. Andean-method 2-ply on Z-twist in verse 2. Simple double back S-twist on verse 3. Leave the loop on the hook to anchor one end, 3-ply on Z-twist on verse 4.

(This really is a project journal as much as anything else, and those notes aren’t really intended to communicate anything to other people, just as a record for myself.)

Since tags on this platform don’t work yet, for anyone interested in the rest of the process, here are the other posts on the topic:

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I am now taking orders for these bracelets.

How to order:

Email me at madgastronomer@gmail.com, using the subject line “Thiasos bracelet”. Give me your name and address, and your wrist measurement.

To find your wrist measurement, wrap a tape measure or a piece of string around your wrist above the bone. Don’t wrap it tightly. If you use string, then measure it against a ruler. I only need the measurement to the nearest quarter-inch.

I will write back to confirm, and I will send you payment instructions. Payment can be sent either through Paypal or through Square. Square does not require an account, just a credit/debit card, and it also doesn’t take a cut the way Paypal does, but it is occasionally flaky.

Bracelets are $10 each, plus $5 shipping and handling. Extra long ones may be a little extra.