August 21, 2021

Oh right, August continues

Oh hey I should catch up on this.

I finished The Haunting of Bly Manor, and it was excellent. I was – spoilers ahead – expecting a "kill your gays" sort of thing, but actually they got a relatively happy ending, compared with all the straight couples in the show. Beautiful, tragic, I was in tears, I loved it. I also watched Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest, about which the kindest thing I can say is that I liked the visuals of the red yarn and rope; and The Woods (the 2006 film with Agnes Bruckner), which I quite liked, all weird teen girls and spooky boarding school stuff.

Reading has included a few short stories by V. Medina, a friend of mine who failed to tell me they were published. They're not really horror, but they are sort of ghost stories, so I'm including them. "This Is Not a Ghost Story" and "What We Make of the Dead" really hit me in a personal spot, and I cherish them. I'm also working my way through the multipart creepypasta "My Wife and I Bought a Ranch in the Mountains", which is a fun ride. The bear chase leaves me wondering how the hell someone came up with this.

Podcast list encompasses the usual NoSleep and Creepy; plus Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic serial; The Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality, the delightfully weird audio tour of a sinister museum; Hi Nay, a Filipina-Canadian horror series; an episode of Steve Reads, which is a Patreon bonus series for patrons of Old Gods of Appalachia (and if you like horror podcasts and you're not listening to that, what are you doing with your life?) in which the narrator of OGoA, Steve Shell, who has a gorgeous voice, reads random things, including lesson plans, Amazon reviews, and, in episode 12, a short story called "Making Ends Meet" by Aaron Vlek, which was delightfully creepy. There, there's a period, because I ran out of mental breath. What else? Oh, and the August episode of Thirteen, a horror podcast released on the 13th of every month. That was a good one. I really need to get back to Mabel – about feral and not-so-feral lesbiabs and the fae things they happen to – and The Storage Papers – a "found documents" podcast about weird police cases.

My media intake really isn't scaring me much this year. My viewing, at least, has mostly not been especially scary – The Woods ought to have been an exception, but it mostly just washed over me. My listening has, some of it, gotten to me more, but not a whole lot. My reading has mostly touched me rather than frightened me, even when it ought to have done otherwise, or in the case of that creepypasta, has just been fun and exciting. I don't know what's up with that. I'm just sort of observing the phenomenon.