August 24, 2014

Oracle of Hekate

I have finally finished my Strophalos Oracle of Hekate, and I’d like to give it a public test, as it were. Tomorrow is the Noumenia, which is the night for Hekate’s work. I am offering a free oracular session, one question apiece, for tomorrow night.

The Strophalos

The Strophalos of Hekate oracle is inscribed in chalk on a round slate, with the Strophalos symbol, a winding and labyrinthine design of three-way crossroads. It divides the Wheel into three parts, for the three realms she has a portion of: Ocean, Earth, and Starry Heaven. Each realm is divided into three rows of three words. Each word is an object, food, herb, action or follower of Hekate. The oracle is performed by throwing three objects (burnt matches seem to work best — tiny torches to light our way) onto the wheel, and the results are then interpreted to result in a single statement, which is the oracle.

If you have a question for the Oracle, email me with the subject like “Hekate oracle” by 8pm on the 25th. I should have them back to people on the 26th.