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For Ruth Bader Ginsberg

We pray to the Just Dead You who sought justice in life Devoting your lives to balancing scales May you know the peace of the righteous We pray to the Just Dead

These Old Bones

These Old Bones

These old bones will tell you stories These old bones won't ever lie These old bones will tell you surely What you can't see with your eye These old bones I shake and

August is Gone

I really wanted to blog more about August as I went, but there were server problems ( is self-hosted), and I had to move the whole shebang, and then there were more

August 2020, post the second

This week I: Went up in a hot air balloon, which is not particularly scary for me, but is for some. Began teaching my Talking to Monsters class, which was somewhat scary for

August 2020 list

I suppose I should document my list for this year. Movies Beyond the Walls Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark The Dark (2005) Carnival of Souls (1962) Ghost in the Graveyard Prince

August 2020, post the first

I didn't do my usual August-is-coming-and-I'm-dreading-it posts this year. I'm find that I mind August less and less. The weather this year hasn't been awful, for one thing, but also, I think the