January 22, 2016

Pattern Sampler

Project notes for miscellaneous patterns

Tarot of the Tailors card: The Tool: Good fortune with tools, especially mechanized ones.

Background: 14/2 Euroflax linen in Emerald
Pattern: 3/2 pearl cotton in Silver
Border accent: Stash pearl cotton scraps, probably 10/2, dusty blue

Long-path warp on the inklette, one HEX.INK bracelet, plus assorted pattern tests.


Meant for a bracelet. May or may not be a good length for that.

A thunderbolt for a Zeus band. Full band would have these on either side of his name.

Eye and crown for a Hera band. Full band would have one of each of these on either side of her name.

Double A, bow and arrow, and tripod for the Artemis and Apollo band. Full band would have either the AA or the tripod centered, with the other and another bow on either side. Haven't decided yet.

And since I had some warp left, I tried weaving a tube for the first time. This is done by simply always passing the shuttle in the same direction, e.g. left to right, and then pulling the loose warp behind the web tight later, to pull it into a tube.

I like it.