April 10, 2020

Plague Journal 3

My stones and bones have arrived!

The wild turkey vertebrae are nicely pointy and knobbly and weird, and the hag stones are excellent. The stone nearest the center I've already made into a pendant. The giant bones off to either side are elk astragaloi, and I'm thrilled with them. One will be Hekate's. I don't know yet what the other will be.

Not as good a job as Elise would have done -- I messed up the underlying structure, and the ends are sloppy -- but I'm content.

The plan is to enchant it for seeing things, but I don't know what or how just yet. For now, though, I'm enjoying its existence.

The Litany has been submitted to KDP and will be available for sale soon. I'm still working on the ebook. I'll post the link everywhere when it's ready.

The paper prayer stars are residing in a quart mason jar at the moment, and probably will for a while.

I've started a Discord server for pagans and polytheists to give and receive support and accountability on keeping up a daily practice. So far, so good.

I applied to give a talk at the Correllian tradition's spring Lustration rite (online, of course) on death preparedness. I don't know yet how that will work, but I'll post about it when I know. I'll probably also make a static page on here with the resources, which will be shareable.