May 10, 2020

Plague Journal 5

This has been sitting open with only a title for a week. I keep forgetting and remembering and forgetting again what I was going to say.

I've started practicing Gorgonas chanting and drumming again. I'm actually making some progress at keeping a beat and at singing and drumming at the same time, as I've been able to sort-of managing the Purgation Chant with drumming a few times now.

I also wrote a three-part chant meant to be sung in rounds, for the Aletides, and I can more or less manage to drum along with that as well.

Part 1:
Tomb to womb
Womb to tomb
Tomb to womb
Womb to tomb

Part 2:
Hanging girls
All around
Spiders dance
Dangling down

Part 3:
Spin the thread
While you thrive
Now you're dead
Now alive

Each line is long-short-short, with a DOUM tek-tek rhythm. There's a tune, sort of low-high-middle, like maybe: C-G-E D-A-F, but the only thing I have to play it on is my tank drum, and that's higher pitched than I want this.

In other news, currently obsessed with obsidian, bones, and poison plants. Again. It seems to be that time of year.

I ordered a 2" obsidian mirror pendant (a little small to actually look into, but it should be sufficient for my purposes) that has arrived and is lovely, three sizes of rainbow obsidian bead to string with it, a napped rainbow obsidian dagger with a sagebrush wood grip, an a 13" bone and antler hair pin to use as a wand. What those last two are going to do exactly, I don't know yet, but Medeia was quite insistent. I'm also building an osteomancy set, and a rather idiosyncratic one. I have "normal" things on the list, like a vertebra, a coyote claw, a baculum, a tooth, a rib... and also things like a brass key, a silk cocoon, a gar scale, a bone needle, and a jewel beetle wing. Also a couple of things it's going to take a while to acquire, like a peach pit, since I have to wait for the good peaches, and a poppy pod, since those are now illegal to sell and I have to grow and dry one. Happily, breadseed poppies are a pretty purple. I have seeds on the way.

I'm also planning on growing Hyoscymus niger, black henbane, which is sacred to Hekate, Datura innoxia, the datura called moonflower, an assortment of fancy morning glories because I love morning glories, the breadseed poppy, and catnip, in an attempt to keep aphids off. I don't know why I have such a terrible time with aphids on entirely indoor-reared plants. Well, ok, last time it was because somebody gave me an infested henbane. Poor things was beautiful, but those aphids just would not fucking die no matter what I used.

The henbane I'm intending for use in entheogenic incense and possibly ointment. The datura I am not intending for that purpose, I just want to get to know it a little. The poppy is for that poppy head.

A couple of friends and I appear to have started a Poison Path study group, the conversation is which is so far elliptical and discursive, but fun, and we do always cycle back. We started with Sarah Anne Lawless's Henbane Growing Guide, since two of us are planning to grow henbane. And we're going to work out way through Lawless's Poison Path reading list. Slowly.

And just a note for myself: I really shouldn't go on Alchemy Works when I don't have money to spend, I always want all the things.
Black Arts Oil
Black Arts Incense
Cemetery Moon Oil
Oil for Hades the Unseen
Hekate the Saffron-Robed Oil (although I actually might have some of that somewhere...)

A couple of other things I want to buy, from Lupa Greenwolf:
<a href=>The Tarot of Bones, which I saw in its Kickstarter phase long ago, and wanted, and lost track of
<a href=>Pocket Osteomancy kit, because honestly the larger kit I'm planning is going to be A Whole Thing

The Monsters' wind chimes aren't done yet, but I need one more piece and that should be here soon.