March 28, 2020

Plague Journal 1

I'm going to try to start journaling here again. People are saying we should be keeping records of what we do during the pandemic for future historians. Also it's just good practice.

Catch up time.

I lost my job on Halloween last year. I've gone back to school for Computer Science, but the first quarter didn't go well. We'll try again next quarter.

I reached 100 verses of A Litany for the Many Dead, which means I'm working on a second edition. I'm also planning for an audio edition, with the help of some friends, but recording is problematic at the moment, so it may take a while.

I'm working on a book about Hekate also. Originally this was meant to be published by a small press, but that's fallen through, so I'll probably self-pub again.

I'm trying to learn Python and have joined a project called TagCat, a book tagging site that's still working on alpha. I'm hoping to get some database design work in on it.

My remaining Grandmother died in December. I mourn her, but I'm sort of glad she doesn't have to be around for this whole plague thing. Maybe I'll post my threnos for her.

I've left the Starry Crown tradition for personal reasons (although I remain an initiate and orpheotelest of Dionysos and Ariadne), and am refocusing my practice on Hekate, who would like more attention, please. I'm therefore in the process of rearranging my ritual space to place her and the Dead more prominently.

"Social distancing" is a lonely way to live.