November 30, 2015

Polyclay tripod

More fun with polyclay!

First, a very crude first attempt at a bronze tripod.

With offering bowl.

With stone slab for the Pythia to sit on. I wonder, since the tripod was made to hold offerings, was the Oracle the offerer, or the offering?

Might have to make a Pythia doll for it.

The bowl has a bulge in the center because they actually did! It was space for a thumb to brace to make it easier to hold one-handed, and about the same size and shape as the punt in the bottom of a wine bottle.

It is, as I said, a crude first attempt. But that's ok, that's what first attempts are for.

I used copper wire to give it the basic shape, and had trouble keeping that consistent. I think for the next try I may need bits of dowel or matchsticks or something, and wooden or metal rings for the top and handles. I mixed Super Bronze luster dust in with the glaze to get the copper effect.

And a new phallos, with considerably more detail than previous. It's a nice dark espresso brown -- I actually thought it was true black until I started working it -- with a bronze shimmer over the top.

Sorry that second one's a bit crap, but you can sort of see the details of the wing feathers and pubic hair. First time I've been so thorough with either.