September 2, 2014

Power in poses

I had, somewhere along the way during the time I wasn’t actively practicing anything, no witchcraft, no religion, also fallen out of the habit of grounding and centering in the Wiccan style. Which was damn silly of me, as that’s useful. I started making it a twice-daily habit again and adding it to ritual in August, as part of my practice with Hekate.

I restarted the rest of my daily practices after the dark of the moon. Today, for the first time, it finally occurred to me to try grounding and centering before doing my morning yoga, which is part of my Dionysian practice. To draw, not only breath, but energy through the poses. Wow. That was amazing. I almost went into trance in tree pose. I feel absurd and foolish for not ever doing it before.

It makes me more eager to try the work with ancient poses as trance induction Aridela Pantherina has talked about. Tree pose is still very difficult for me to hold for long, but if it was that powerful, what will these other poses be like? I’ve been meaning to try this anyway, but this excites me even more.