August 24, 2014

Programming Divination

Today it occurred to me, while I was worrying about money, that hey, I probably knew enough Ruby now to write a script that would generate the fifteen geomantic figures for a chart. Hey, cool! It wouldn't actually draw the chart and fill it in, because I don't know how to do visual interface yet, but hopefully at some point I could do that. But it will -- I hope -- accurately generate the figures themselves, which can then be copied by hand onto a chart. I always seem to screw up at least once when deriving the Daughters or the Nieces.

I already have it generating the Mothers (a random number generator is built in to Ruby, so that part was easy), and am working on getting it to derive the Daughters.

I am tickled with this. Maybe I'll put it up on Github or one of the smaller code hosting site when it's done.