January 25, 2021

Purple Loom

I've always left my spinning and weaving equipment the way it came, as far as decoration goes. Usually natural wood color, occasionally stained a darker wood color instead. It's very common to do that. I think most fiber artists do.

Recently, though, my friend Gloria painted her spinning wheel absolutely beautifully.

It made me want to pretty up my tools, too. I decided to start simple.

Turns out, though, it's really hard to find purple wood stain. (Because of course, being me, I wanted purple.) In fact, I couldn't actually find any. What I found instead was Unicorn Spit, which is a multi-purpose water-based color that you can color wood with and then seal in with something oil-based. It's supposed to work well on a lot of surfaces, as long as you seal it. I'm pretty excited about some of their project videos, like this one on creating an oil slick look on leather. But for now, I'm broke, so I just picked up a bottle of purple and some butcher block oil, and ran with it.

I took my Journey Loom from Weaving a Life, disassembled it (it's literally seven sticks, bolts, and wingnuts), watered down the Spit some, and gave it two coats.

Not the most even job in the world, but what the hell.

Unicorn Spit dries "chalky", a lighter and brighter color than it will be once it's sealed. Fortunately, I'd watched a couple of videos by then and knew that, because that right there is not the effect I was going for. I wanted something that showed the wood grain better, and was a little more like purpleheart wood, while still being clearly not natural.

I let it dry overnight for good measure, then I started in with the oil.

That was much more what I was looking for.

I gave it two coats of oil, as well, since the wood kept soaking it up. The color continued to change some as it did.

Once all the oil had soaked in (overnight, again), I got out the silver paint and put on some measuring marks, down to quarter inch, which I find really useful on this loom.

And finally, I reassembled the whole thing.

I'm pretty thrilled with it, actually.