February 9, 2021

Reading: Sigil Witchery

Reading: Sigil Witchery

I haven't really had the attention span for nonfiction lately – and by lately, I'm talking about a couple of years – and my pagan book acquisitions have been rather piling up. So I'm going to try to read one pagan book a month, and detail them here.

Current reading is Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff. I've been enjoying her blog and occasionally her Witchual Workout videos, and I've been meaning to dive into sigil magic for other reasons, so I thought it would be a good place to start. It's been an excellent choice so far.

I read forty pages at one gulp, it was such an easy read, but it's well-supplied with actual information. Really interesting stuff about drawn symbols from multiple ancient and pre-historic cultures, as well as more recent ones. There's about forty pages of different basic symbols that can be used in constructing a Zakroff-style sigil (though she's careful to stress that they are far from the only ones you can use), with space for personal notes, and then sections on how to construct and use them, plus a selection of sigils she and her workshops have created before.

So this one gets my recommendation, even though I haven't finished it yet. I wanted to get the entry down while I was excited and had a little energy.