January 5, 2017

Restarting Yoga

I'm trying to start my yoga practice back up again. To aid me in that, I've been rereading my old yoga posts. In particular, the part in The Little Dance Your Body Does about dynamic balance struck me.

Now that I'm in school again, balance is more important than ever, and multiple readings over the past year and for the next year keep telling me it's going to continue to be important. Which serve merely as reminders, because of course it's going to continue to be important.

It's something I'm having trouble with, too. Trying to balance school and my spiritual life and my crafts and my writing and... everything. It's hard. Hard to have the time and the spoons to deal with everything, hard to even have enough attention span for everything. Hard to get enough sleep. I'm enjoying school but that makes balance harder, not easier.

It's hard to find the time to do yoga. I'm so tired in the morning and at night, which is when I try to do little 5-10 minute routines along with my morning and evening rituals. I'm not good at mornings, and have trouble getting out of bed at all, much less getting up another 5-10 minutes earlier so I have time for this. At night, I've already taken my sleep pill before I go up the stairs (or else it doesn't have time to kick in, and I end up lying in bed with my brain weasels in the hamster wheels), and it's starting to kick in, and I'm exhausted from my day, which makes it just as hard in the evening. It's hard to just get in my ritual many days. But I need to make the time, to carve it out from my day however I can.

One of the reasons I need to start doing yoga again is that I'm starting to get the first inklings of pain in my back and hips again, which suggests my tendinopathy is coming back. Yoga helped me rid of it last time, without me having to go to physical therapy. I'd really like to avoid it getting any worse this time.

So. Here I go.