January 28, 2016

Sample Pattern Card Weaving

Project notes for sample card weaving band

Tailors card: The Stylish Chapeau: Beacon of good luck in all shopping expeditions. Since I'm not buying anything for this, but did have good luck hunting through stash that was give to me, I'm counting it.


3/2 pearl cotton in pale green, coppery light brown, and olive green
Long path on inklette
10 cards, pattern is the first sample from Card Weaving by Candace Crockett

Final dimensions: 45" x 3/4" x 1/4"

This is my second attempt at card or tablet weaving. The first time, I discovered that attaching it to my belt and using my body to provide tension hurt my back. It was suggested to me that I use an inkle loom or a frame made of small PVC pipe instead, and I've finally gotten around to trying it on the inklette. I wish it had a bit more space between the front bar and the heddle bar, so I'd have more room to work and not have to advance so often, but otherwise it's working beautifully. I have the threads traveling from the front bar to the back tension bar, like an open thread on the inkle, for maximum space. It also allows me to rest the cards on the heddle bar.

This is not a double-faced weave, meaning that the back is not a color-reversed image of the front. Instead, the front face is boxes and the back face is... not.

This pattern called for the cards to be turned four times towards and then four times away from the weaving. I though I'd see what happened if I kept turning it in the same direction, so here are four sets of four turns towards, plus four sets of four turns away. They made a funny twist in the fabric.

And here it is off the loom.