February 13, 2021

Sigil for Focus, Drive, and Study

Sigil for Focus, Drive, and Study

I've been having a lot of trouble making any progress with the course I'm doing online for a sysadmin certification. Today, I finish reading Sigil Witchery. So I figured I'd try my hand at making a sigil to get myself moving again.

I picked the keywords Focus, Drive, and Study, and spent about an hour doodling. I had an eye or bullseye for focus, lots of arrows for drive, and a box with an equal armed cross for study (I'm not sure why, it's just what came up). And I added some wings to give it speed and flight. The upper arrows have a very slight curve to the stems, which creates and almost fountain-like effect, with energy coming up from the base, through the box, and part up to the eye but part up and out so it can fall around me.

I pulled out my crow quill dip pen and some india ink, and first penciled, then inked the design on an artist trading card, which I think is a great size for it. Now I've got it propped up among the pencils, pens, and other doodads in my little cup on my desk, where I can see it and touch it.

I'm really pretty happy with it.

ETA: I've begun doing a thing where, when I lay eyes on the sigil squarely, I touch it, and then go read a brief section of the class material. It's working reasonably well so far.