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Catching things up

I have a few posts I wrote up during my hiatus but couldn't post. They'll be appearing over the next few days.


Hey, look, new digs! The domain was going away, and my wife happened to have an unused domain name that neatly bridges computing and witchcraft references, and she was kind enough Announcement

Hi! This blog will be moving very soon! Shit! There are issues with stuff and things, and is going away, so there won't be a redirect. The blog will be at

Look! Over there!

To your right! --> In the sidebar! It's an RSS link, for anybody who wants one. Also, there are now actual About pages linked up there. /\ Somewhat different from the WP versions.

New Location

So. Moved the blog. Why? Well, for one thing, WordPress has been getting harder to use, not easier. It's been doing things like truncating posts and reformatting stuff randomly, certain things just stopped