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Out, Kares, Anthesteria is over!

And wow, what a ride! Long post ahead! For Pithoigia, the first night of Anthesteria, I opened the new wine (instead of a new vintage, I went with a wine that was new

Arachne Dreams

I've nearly lost it, so I'll get it down now. I'm writing this on Tuesday night. Don't know when I'll have time to post it. Today and tomorrow are the Arachneia of the

The Labyrinth is a Cocoon

Last night, I had bad insomnia. I’d taken a sleeping pill, and then another half, but nothing was working, so I had a snack and some chocolate milk with just a bit

Arachne’s Shrine Wallet

Warning: There is a spider at the end of this post. The two parts of the wallet shrine for Arachne: You can’t really see it, but the outside is actually stitched with

Tiny Weaving

There it is, the tiny weaving from the Arachne wallet shrine. I used up all the thread I had measured off and called it good. The thread trails off the left side and

Altars and Shrines

Over at Polytheism Without Borders (or, as I tend to think of it, Polywob), there's been some discussion of the difference between altars and shrines, as people show off the ones they keep