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Sigil for Focus, Drive, and Study

Sigil for Focus, Drive, and Study

I've been having a lot of trouble making any progress with the course I'm doing online for a sysadmin certification. Today, I finish reading Sigil Witchery. So I figured I'd try my hand

Purple Loom

I've always left my spinning and weaving equipment the way it came, as far as decoration goes. Usually natural wood color, occasionally stained a darker wood color instead. It's very common to do

Drawing Again

Drawing Again

I'm doing #Drawtober this year, I think. Not an everyday prompt, but five multiday prompts, which lets me have some room to breathe. Here's a few from the first few days, plus a

Orphic Egg

This was really mostly shading practice, but hell, why not give myself something interesting to practice with?

More Tiny Planets

Some of these look totally ridiculous and like they couldn't possibly exist, so here are some reference shots along with the planets: Hubble photograph of Mercury Image of Venus from And


The Aletides, the Hanged Maidens of the Purple Thread, seem to be getting into my head. The Hanging Tree, an Aletides Swingset Aletis Still not-good, but having fun.