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I Give Thanks

I give thanks to Dike for the justice that has prevailed in my country today. I give thanks to Athene the Wise for granting wisdom and compassion to five of our Justices. I

Frame Weaving

Warning: Imagine-heavy post. An excellent way to get closer to weaving goddesses — Athene, the Fates, Grandmother Spider, Laima — and to Spider spirits is to learn to weave or spin. Even the very simplest

Connections and Webs

I've seen several other polytheist types referring to "following the thread" as a sort of meditation or devotional practice by means of starting with some relevant web page and following link

Spinning and the Golden Mean

I continue to contemplate the Golden Mean and its applicability to my life. I'm not really comfortable talking much here about more general applications at the moment, because a lot of things are

Devotional Piece for Athene

Since weaving and spinning are becoming a significant part of my life again, my art and my meditation, I have been wanting to do a devotional piece to Athene in her guise as