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Reading: Sigil Witchery

Reading: Sigil Witchery

I haven't really had the attention span for nonfiction lately – and by lately, I'm talking about a couple of years – and my pagan book acquisitions have been rather piling up. So I'm going



Tonight we held an online ritual to dedicate Nova Aedes Iani to Janus and Hekate. It went very well, and I'm very excited about it, and also very tired and wiped out and


Neil Gaiman's beautiful fairy tale novel Stardust was published in 1997. I was already a fan of Gaiman's work by then, and snapped it up. I loved it immediately. I have no idea

Saying No and Saying Yes

<a href=>Catherynne Valente went back to Fairyland in the wake of the election. “The first magic anyone learns is saying No,” purred the Leopard of Little Breezes. “It’s how

Depth of Praise

Terrence P Ward, founder of The Wild Hunt and all around Good People, has published his first book, a devotional to Poseidon! Depth of Praise explores many of the aspects and epithets of

When August Comes Around

Aaaand it's back. August. The month I hate the most, which is also the month most sacred to my goddess. Whee! Last week was hot, hot enough that I was unwell, and much