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Greek Key Belt

112 inches, including the braids, Greek key design in red, white and black. I had to weave it in two sections to get the length I wanted. It's meant to be a belt

Greek Key 1

I found a simple Greek key pattern for tablet weaving, and decided to give it a try. It came out pretty well. I did end up having to alternate directions, because of the

Sample Pattern Card Weaving

Project notes for sample card weaving band Tailors card: The Stylish Chapeau: Beacon of good luck in all shopping expeditions. Since I'm not buying anything for this, but did have good luck hunting

Tablet-Woven Accents

Note to self, because it will be too easy to lose this link: Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques by Inge Dam Oooooo, the possibilities. Of course, first I