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Yoga and Charkha

Asana -- yoga poses -- are intended to be a preparation for meditation. I had been just doing simple, mind-clearing breathing meditation after my yoga video, but today I thought I'd get out

Notes from Tree Pose

- I’ve already written about my yoga practice. - I’m not spinning cotton much at the moment. Still trying to figure out how to reintegrate that. I’m going to focus

Woozy Notes

Cotton spinning continues to go reasonably well, although I definitely have better and worse days. I can now do the long draw magic trick about one time in three. One other time in

Notes Hanging in Midair

I am being published! My UPG on using the divine madness of the maenad to alleviate symptoms of my bipolar disorder will be appearing in Bibliotheca Alexandrina's upcoming anthology Crossing the River, on

Notes All the Way Down

Cotton boll breakthrough! I went back to what the person who had told me about spinning from cotton bolls said, which was that you just sort of held it loosely, and the fiber

Spinning and the Golden Mean

I continue to contemplate the Golden Mean and its applicability to my life. I'm not really comfortable talking much here about more general applications at the moment, because a lot of things are