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Announcing a Craft Magic Workshop

Announcing the first in a series of online workshops on Craft Magic! Presented by Rebecca Lynn Scott Easter Egg Silks March 13, 2021, 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific Price: $0.00 Please email hexdotink@

Painting glass

Painting glass

Because what I do any time I get anxious about my life is pick up a new craft, I have taken up glass painting. I'm practicing on the glass yogurt cups that Oui

Plague Journal 2

Crafting project notes! The big project is collecting vintage linen table cloths and napkins, for the purposes of dyeing and then block printing on them. I bought... lots. Also some bandanas to put

Teneriffe Lace

This August, I picked up a new craft, Teneriffe Lace. Teneriffe (occasionally known as Polka Spider Lace in the US, and by many other names across the world) is made by taking a

Agathosdaimon and more polyclay

I've been starting to get back to polyclay, although not yet to phalloi. These first two are a couple of weeks old, and I just never got them photographed. The first is the

Blue Cocoons

Having been struck with inspiration, and possibly a fit of hypomania, I stayed up waaaay too late to create a silk cocoon amulet. It's an entire cocoon, dead silkworm still inside (it's part