death rites

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The Purpose of Wailing

A nigh-universal feature of Greek funerals was the wailing of women, as they beat their breasts and tore at their hair. This was originally the province of women of the household of the

Rewriting Death

I've started a new blog, Rewriting Death, about the process for writing the Starry Bull's death and funerary rituals. There's a Patreon to go with it, with the proceeds to go to books

Following up on the ancestor dream

After some thought and divination, I've finally done something I've been thinking and talking about doing for months. I called the Spiritual Care Offices of three local hospitals and volunteered to be put

Ancestor dream

I dreamt last night that I was walking in a garden of an old, huge Gothic house on an island, and there I found a woman who looked something like my mother, but

Retreat Weekend

This weekend, I went on a Bacchic retreat with a small group of likeminded folks on the Oregon coast. We rented out a house on the beach and spent the days in ritual,