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Neil Gaiman's beautiful fairy tale novel Stardust was published in 1997. I was already a fan of Gaiman's work by then, and snapped it up. I loved it immediately. I have no idea

Hymn to Silenos

I pray to Silenos Noble drunkard, wise fool, Wild man of the woods, Foster-father to the Bacchic One. Horse-eared and horse-tailed, You ride your ass through the revels, Dispensing inebriated philosophy, As wise


This has been a fascinating journey. Really. Also a rather rank one. I'm currently taking Sannion's Toys of Dionysos class. (If you're interested in finding out more, you can check out Sannion's book

God Nights

A new practice I've been working on taking up is having designated nights where I make offerings to and contemplate one of the gods with whom I am most involved. A night for

On (Not) Finding Dionysos

At Many Gods West, there was a point where the Bakcheion members were talking about how we began to worship Dionysos. And I discovered, listening to the others, that I didn't really have