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Do it now

Last month, I got a bunch of urgent and difficult things done. This month, I've been feeling burnt out and have been having trouble getting much of anything done. Talking to my new

More Charmcasting blogging

5/4/15 - May the Fourth be with you. 7:20pm Playing with chalking not only the querent-figure, but realms. Not sure yet what they all mean, but we'll get there. I

Spring Cleaning Spread

I've been having a bad time for, well, a couple of years now. Since the restaurant closed, and then since Kate lost her job. It gets worse and worse and worse. Nothing I

Fortune Teller

If you’re around my age and went to school in the US, you probably remember paper fortune tellers, aka cootie catchers, from around middle school. We loved those things. In case you’

Hanging Maiden Complete

I’ve been working on the Erigone pendulum oracle I talked about before. I believe I’ve got the rhyme and method hammered out pretty well, although of course there may be later