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August Horrorshow

I think I'll do something a little differently this year, and keep track of what ghost stories and horror tales I consume. I'll write it up as I go and post it at

It Follows

This month I've been reading ghost stories and watching ghost story horror movies. While poking around, I saw the title It Follows, and, because that's thematic of Empousa, downloaded it. Then someone else,


The Lampades, torch-bearing underworld nymphs, wandered into my dreams. Beautiful dancers without faces, limbs that bent backwards as well as forwards, draped in black and carrying the lights they're named for.* They invited

Empousa, who follows behind

clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Behind you, on the road. What is that sound? When you look, there’s nothing there, but still, the sound follows you. clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Slowly, slowly it gets closer