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Out, Kares, Anthesteria is over!

And wow, what a ride! Long post ahead! For Pithoigia, the first night of Anthesteria, I opened the new wine (instead of a new vintage, I went with a wine that was new

Hanging Maiden Complete

I’ve been working on the Erigone pendulum oracle I talked about before. I believe I’ve got the rhyme and method hammered out pretty well, although of course there may be later

Hanging Maiden

So. The Hanging Maiden and her noose are done for the Erigone pendulum. Still working on the rhyme, but it’s getting there. Thought I’d post the picture, though. Crude figure, and

Erigone Pendulum

Sannion, talking about developing his divinatory toolkit, mentioned that he was thinking of developing a pendulum divination using a noose or a doll hanged from one, but that he hasn’t done any