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Making the Ghost Masks

I talked back here about making Ghost Masks for my ancestor altar, to represent all those ancestors I never knew. Today is Samhain, and I might even manage to finish the second one

Woolly Valkyrie

I did mention, way back in the Woolly Dionysos post, that I was planning to make a Woolly Valkyrie. And I did, at the time, and here she is, finally. Pictures in reverse

Finishing Notes

The seascape piece is 36" long, and varies between 12"-14". I keep wondering if there isn't some way I could turn it into clothes after all, cut it into

Woolly Dionysos

My two patron deities are Hekate and Dionysos. I work with others, but those are the most important to me. I keep altars to each of them in my ritual room, which see


I hate winding warps. I hate warping looms. It's so boring and repetitive to me. Hating it makes me slower at it. I always want to just dive in and start weaving, doing