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Garden planning

Garden planning

My yard has been cleared of blackberry bramble, so I have some space to grow things again. Since I don't know how much bramble will try to come back, I'm planning to seed

The Little Aconite That Could

The Little Aconite That Could

So I like growing plants in my ritual room. One of the windows gets decent light, and it's nice to fill that window with morning glories. Last year, I tried growing a small


Well, the henbane finally lost what was its fifth or sixth go-round with the aphids. I walked in the other morning, and it was completely wilted, with lots of brown. I tried watering

Baneful Herbs

In the past few months, I finally got around to doing a thing I've wanted to do for a long time: start a baneful herb garden. Now, it had to be a container

Oh no!

The aphids are eating my flowers! You can't see them so well in this. Aphids are tiny. But they're covering the plants and the window! The plants are starting to wither, and the


It's spring, and I've actually managed to plant some things. Marigolds, morning glories and moonflower vine on the windowsill in the ritual room, and lemon balm in the planter on the balcony. I