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Sleepless August

Sleepless August

I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping this year, which used to happen every year around this time, and hasn't as much lately. When I began this entry, it was 5pm and I


It'll be August in about two hours. I got a little bit of a jump on this year's list by watching Willy's Wonderland today with a friend. Which. Wow. The commitment to the



Tonight we held an online ritual to dedicate Nova Aedes Iani to Janus and Hekate. It went very well, and I'm very excited about it, and also very tired and wiped out and

Nova Aedes Iani

I don't know. So much is happening. Things were fallow for a bit, but now everything is happening at once. I'm talking to some people again from whom I've been estranged, and that's

Hekate's Wheel

I think I've been trying to write this post for three or four years now. Here it is now though! I finally took a chalk marker to the slate so you can actually

Plague Journal 4

The star prayers are about an inch deep in the jar now. I should get a picture. Still waiting for the Bramble suckers to get long enough to make the frame for the