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August Horror Report, Week 5 (AAAAAH!)

August 26-27 -- podcasts August 28 -- Finished The Coffin Road, the weird creepy gothic novel I was reading, and started reading some MR James ghost stories. Classic English ghost stories from the

August Horror Report, Week 3

August 12 -- Swamp Thing, season 1, episode 10 Well, that's it. It's over. Dammit, it was good, and it had the potential to be much better. I guess at least they didn't

August Horror Report, Week 2

This was meant to be posted Monday. Oops. August 5-8 -- All I managed, due to being very tired, was podcasts, but I should list my current horror podcasts anyway. The Magnus Archives

August Horrorshow

I think I'll do something a little differently this year, and keep track of what ghost stories and horror tales I consume. I'll write it up as I go and post it at

When August Comes Around

Aaaand it's back. August. The month I hate the most, which is also the month most sacred to my goddess. Whee! Last week was hot, hot enough that I was unwell, and much