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A Party to Which I Am Late

But glad to have made it to! During my trip to Oregon, I had the good fortune to (re)meet Genevieve Williams and Ray Snyder, one of whom kindly fed me and the

Roman Ring Key

This is one of those small but precious possessions. It's a Roman ring key. Not a ring for keeping keys on, but a key that is worn as a ring. Probably for a

God Nights

A new practice I've been working on taking up is having designated nights where I make offerings to and contemplate one of the gods with whom I am most involved. A night for

Dead August

I've been feeling a strong pull to work more and more with the Dead this year. Between the Dionysian Dead theme (most of which was behind the scenes) for the Filled With Frenzy

Empousa, who follows behind

clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Behind you, on the road. What is that sound? When you look, there’s nothing there, but still, the sound follows you. clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Slowly, slowly it gets closer

Following the Piper

It's been a long while since I had an encounter like yesterday's. I was so busy for a long time, with the restaurant, with school before that. And then after the restaurant, I