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August Horror Report, Week 5 (AAAAAH!)

August 26-27 -- podcasts August 28 -- Finished The Coffin Road, the weird creepy gothic novel I was reading, and started reading some MR James ghost stories. Classic English ghost stories from the

Dead August

I've been feeling a strong pull to work more and more with the Dead this year. Between the Dionysian Dead theme (most of which was behind the scenes) for the Filled With Frenzy


The Lampades, torch-bearing underworld nymphs, wandered into my dreams. Beautiful dancers without faces, limbs that bent backwards as well as forwards, draped in black and carrying the lights they're named for.* They invited

Empousa, who follows behind

clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Behind you, on the road. What is that sound? When you look, there’s nothing there, but still, the sound follows you. clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Slowly, slowly it gets closer