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A Party to Which I Am Late

But glad to have made it to! During my trip to Oregon, I had the good fortune to (re)meet Genevieve Williams and Ray Snyder, one of whom kindly fed me and the

Hermes and Blind Dice

My Hermes Night rolled around again on Saturday. I finally found a suitable offering to make after someone told met that cinnamon is sacred to him, so he got cinnamon-sugar covered waffles. Next

God Nights

A new practice I've been working on taking up is having designated nights where I make offerings to and contemplate one of the gods with whom I am most involved. A night for

Project Post: Hermes Hanging

After months and months of this sitting around because I’d lost the last two strips of silk for it, my prayer hanging for Hermes is finally finished. Materials: Wool, silk, nylon, sparkly