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Kala Anthesteria!

Anthesteria has begun, the three-day celebration of wine, sex and death! Hooray! Tonight, the opening of the new wine, and a revel with the Dead, plus various kinds of work (including writing a

Ancestors at Samhain

Though I'm mostly Hellenic now, I still have a lot of Wiccan influences on my practice. They work for me, and they work for my gods, and I keep them. One of these

Anthesteria Begins

The cherry trees are starting to bloom, and the full moon is tomorrow, so my Anthesterion starts today. I don’t have the resources to do buy all the wine and flowers I’

(Not) Anthesteria

Stricter recons than I will ever be celebrated Anthesteria last week. There are some fantastic posts about it. Suz, Ariadne in Exile (three posts), and Dver’s four posts at A Forest Door.