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Making Cardstock Shuttles

While making the round weaving for the how-to, I found myself fed up with weft bundles, and decided to make a little bitty shuttle out of cardstock. My most convenient source, one that's

Round Weaving and Spiderwebs

Weaving spiderwebs came up in one of my communities, so I said I'd do a how-to on weaving circles and spiderwebs. These have lots of magical uses. Spirits traps, woven wards, homes for

How to Inkle

I had a request for a How-to on this, so here it is. This first post is just the basics, though. The loom, how to warp it, how to weave on it. This

Frame Weaving

Warning: Imagine-heavy post. An excellent way to get closer to weaving goddesses — Athene, the Fates, Grandmother Spider, Laima — and to Spider spirits is to learn to weave or spin. Even the very simplest

Weaving Landscapes (or just curves)

Weaving Landscapes (or just curves) This is something I posted to Ravelry, at the request of a mod who had seen some of the Work In Progess (WIP) pictures. Process post! Someone suggested