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Sannion tells us that Fufluns was the Etruscan name for the wine god, who was presumably syncretized with Bacchus and Dionysos. What an adorable name! And so much fun to say! Fufluns Fufluns

A High Pale Sky

There’s a thing that the sky does here in the rainy season that I had never seen before I moved to Seattle. In Florida, rain clouds are low and dark and heavy,

Teeny Tiny Triangles

Way back April, I talked about the esoteric possibilities of small triangle looms, weaving prayers or spells into small pieces. Well, I finally had a little cash and found a small tri-loom for

The Nurses in the Stars

I realized that, while I talked about the constellation of the Hyades, I didn't give any pictures. Well! Time to fix that! Above you see the shape the seven Hyades make, which for

Rainy Mood

There are a number of sites and apps that will play rain sounds for you. I like Rainy Mood. The iOS app lets you choose the amount of thunder and things.