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(Yes, I'm still drawing. And somehow, I find myself drawing at least one labyrinth almost every day.) Many of us have daydreams of having a piece of land, often out away from the

The Labyrinth is a Cocoon

Last night, I had bad insomnia. I’d taken a sleeping pill, and then another half, but nothing was working, so I had a snack and some chocolate milk with just a bit

A Project Day

All the things I did today. The wool and silk aren't dry yet, so they won't look quite the same when they are. Today, I woke up at the positively absurd (for me)

A Labyrinth to Walk

So now I have a labyrinth. The text by the entrance reads, "For the Mistress of the Labyrinth, honey," which is taken from a random fragment of Minoan text. I've been meaning to