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Linkspam from the Green Frontier of Death

My net's down. Again. So posting may be spotty. In the mean time, here're some links. The Sorcerer Dionysos Foundations of Magical Practice: Ritual Orpheus Ascending ritual in Redmond, WA Hymn Bound (The

Depth of Praise

Terrence P Ward, founder of The Wild Hunt and all around Good People, has published his first book, a devotional to Poseidon! Depth of Praise explores many of the aspects and epithets of

Linkspam from Beyond the Grave

I used to do occasional linkspam posts. I think I'll take it up again. Maybe I'll start posting them Fridays, as weekend reading suggestions. Where There's a Will, There's a Ghost on Strange

On Prayer

Sannion has a post up on the importance and various uses of prayer. It's a good piece, and important to Starry Bull practice. He talks about why and when it's important to pray,

Links for the Dead

Necromantic herbs Placating the Dead Ancestors Master Post Ancestor veneration 600 BCE - 600 CE Ancestor Cult in Ancient Greece and Rome The Order of the Good Death


I've mentioned that my very first time in print is fast approaching, a piece in Bibliotheca Alexandrina's upcoming anthology Crossing the River. Alas, publication is going to be delayed for a couple of