litany to the many dead

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For Ruth Bader Ginsberg

We pray to the Just Dead You who sought justice in life Devoting your lives to balancing scales May you know the peace of the righteous We pray to the Just Dead

We pray to the COVID-19 Dead

I cannot believe that I had to be poked to write this, but I did, and I wrote it just after the layout had been sent in to Amazon and the new edition

Plague Journal 3

My stones and bones have arrived! The wild turkey vertebrae are nicely pointy and knobbly and weird, and the hag stones are excellent. The stone nearest the center I've already made into a

Plague Journal 1

I'm going to try to start journaling here again. People are saying we should be keeping records of what we do during the pandemic for future historians. Also it's just good practice. Catch


I'm shaking up my daily practice for the first time in many years. Now that I'm working a day job, with daylight hours and often rising before dawn, morning prayers are hard to